Writers Have Rights, Too.

Kenneth R. Jenkins
3 min readOct 14, 2022

By Kenneth R. Jenkins

It seems like that American journalists, freelance writers and poets are in the midst of a war on words here and in other countries.

For example, if I disagree with Gay Rights, then I am “gay bashing” or a hater of gays while echoed with Scriptures to change the mind and hearts of those of the LGBTQ+ community. But this not so, I am letting them know that their behavior is truly a violation of the laws of God. There is no hate inside of me for this community but nothing but the love of God in hopes that they will reconsider their ways. Even on podcast or radio show, someone from the community just wanted to shut me up.

Now, the infamous Rainbow Flag seems to be everywhere overshadowing us so gladly it waves. Excuse me, God want His rainbow back and you are using it the wrong way!

It’s not only their lifestyles is being pushed on us, but they want to jam it down our throats to make sure they do take notice of what they are and who they are.

If I disagree with Abortion, I am not belittling the rights of a woman, and I do believe woman have their right to do what they want but, a caution to those women who decided to do that if they do, then they are murdering a child no matter if it’s unborn. Remember these words, “Thy shall not kill…”

Now a days, the subject of abortion has politicalized it in the state houses, Capitol Hill spilling over to the Supreme Court in order to decide rather if it’s right or wrong and there are some freelance writers and journalist are still on the fence on which way they actually go.

Now, some of my fellow clergymen and women are speaking out once again on some these issues across their pew pits hoping that someone is actually listening to them in order for their souls to get right.

If I say something about religion, there would be some who want me dead for disrespecting what they believe as a way of some kind of hatred directly or indirectly.

I will never forget the time I wrote a letter to the editor in the Savannah Morning News when I expressed my thoughts on drafting in the United States.

There were letters of one who called me Communists, one wanted me to go to another country and I even had a retired military big wig saying that was so Un-American for my remarks. Even my own parents scolded me for placing it in the newspaper in the first place but, everyone was infringing on my First Amendment Rights as a citizen of this country, The Right of Free Speech.

It seems like those writers, poets, journalists and that includes any media outlet are being silenced for what they believe.

We writers, poets, journalist are people too speaking up and out on the state of the world around us with COVID-19, the wars, weather, politics, racial unrest and Chaos bombarding the media outlets everywhere, seems like we the people who tells it is like it are being silenced for what we know and what we see.

A word of warning, you may try to shut us up but when the truth is out, it’s out. So be very careful who you try to silence because this is all but “mental slavery” pouring dangerously into the very soul of mankind.

From the words of Bob Marley, “Emancipate from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds….”

Kenneth R. Jenkins is a freelance writer, poet, author of four books of poetry, podcast host/producer, minister and devoted husband living in Savannah, GA



Kenneth R. Jenkins

Freelance Writer, Poet, Podcast Host/Producer,Minister, Devoted Husband, Editor of K! Magazine.