The Preacher and the Football Star

Kenneth R. Jenkins
4 min readOct 20, 2022

By Kenneth R. Jenkins

Hershel Walker Republican
Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock Democrat

The Bell rings.

The Announcer makes the introductions:

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s main event The Georgia State House Debate. In the red corner, the challenger weighing in for the Republican Party, football great and wannabe politician who wants to be your next Senator for the State of Georgia, Hershel Walker! And in the blue corner weighing and representing the Democrat Party, incumbent Senator for the State of Georgia and pastor who wants to continue being your Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock!!!!!”

The debate against Senator Raphael Warnock the incumbent Senator and Pastor from Atlanta and Football great Hershel Walker was very good and very interesting to say the least.

Each one was allowed from 1 minute or less to answer each question giving to them. The issues were simple and straight forward and to the point but there was one who’s answers seemed well, off from one of the candidates. Do I need to point the finger to?

Judging from the outcome of this debate, Hershel Walker is not ready to be our next senator for the state of Georgia. His agender is for three people, me, myself and I. Looks like Walker is taking a page from the “Trump Book of Unlogic and Untruths” and to make it worst, he quoted saying that “Donald Trump is my friend.”

This is why people that we have to go out and vote. With your vote, you are letting the candidate you support know you want better from them and want to fire the incumbent who is doing nothing!

Walker seems not in touch with reality by his answers to questions and pointing fingers at Sen. Warnock accusing him of his support with Pres. Biden on the policy to be set in motion.

According to MSNBC, the poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, showed Warnock leading by 7 percentage points, 52% to 45%. (The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.) It was nearly unchanged from last month, which showed Walker trailing by 6 percentage points and that was before the debate.

There is one highlight that will be remembered and probably Saturday Night Live will find something funny in it is that’s when Walker pulled out his so-called “Honorary Badge” when the rules of the debate was clear no props. Someone called it “prop gate” I called it a man showing off his tin star that he could have gotten at any toy store.

To be honest I really do not think I would be safe with Walker representing me in Georgia. Better yet, anywhere else in the other states or country.

On the other hand, there’s Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock who I rather have represent me 100%. Sen. Warnock has proven himself the man for the job and is up for the challenges to come for another term in order to finish what he started doing the job that supposed to be done for the people of Georgia.

Senator Warnock’s campaign website these are his points for why he wants to be re-elected: In the Senate, Reverend Warnock has fought for the ag community by

Reverend Warnock understands that too often Georgians are forced to choose between paying for lifesaving prescription drugs and putting food on the table. He believes the system that makes such a choice necessary is unconscionable and immoral. That’s why he’s leading the effort to cap the cost of insulin, a medical necessity for the more than one million Georgians with Diabetes, at $35 a month. He is also fighting to cap the costs of prescriptions for seniors on Medicare and to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Warnock is fighting to ease the pinch at the pump by suspending the federal gas tax and pushing the White House to take immediate action to bring down gas prices. He’s also fighting to address supply chain issues, bring prices down for hardworking families, and lower the cost of prescription drugs like insulin.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of why he is in this to win it. That’s why he wants to continue to work for Georgians who care about these issues and more. This is why he is asking for another term to be about the business of a servant to the people.

I had the pleasure meeting Rev. Warnock long before him running for office. He’s a very nice guy and easy to talk to.

Would you rather have a slick talking, smooth, someone who would point a gun to your head if things won’t go there way or someone sensible with a better temperament? You make the call….

Kenneth R. Jenkins is a freelance writer, poet, podcast host/producer, minister, author and devoted husband living in Savannah, GA.



Kenneth R. Jenkins

Freelance Writer, Poet, Podcast Host/Producer,Minister, Devoted Husband, Editor of K! Magazine.