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This Newsletter THE VOICE, is an addition to what JAM Radio Media is doing to expand and grow in order to bring you up to date of what’s going on.

The whole idea is pick up where other outlets leave off and let you hear the voices of the people who do care; not those spin the news.

It is important that we stand and voice our opinions because it under the Constitution, it is a First Amendment Right!

Okay, let’s hear from you and what’s on your mind because you have THE VOICE…



Here are my thoughts after reading this.

I do not have trouble for a white woman datea black man and black men date white women. Yes, years ago I had white Jewish woman and I did love her dearly.

If a person loves someone, the color of one’s skin is not my bag at all. If would do it again and marry them.

I prefer that kind of dating or marriage than gay marriage any day, anytime.



Kenneth R. Jenkins

Freelance Writer, Poet, Podcast Host/Producer,Minister, Devoted Husband, Editor of K! Magazine.